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Kathleen Drevik

Knoxville TN 37902 USA

More on Knoxville TN's Economy

August 01, 2016
The Greater Knoxville Area has one of the region’s most stable economies and is a hub for a diversified set of industry. The Knoxville economy is very diverse with no single sector of employment accounting for 20% of the total employment of the region. Recently, the greater Knoxville area has seen an increase in the areas of the financial, utility, logistics, and trade sectors.
Helped by TVA and The University of Tennessee Knoxville, the Knoxville economy enjoys a synergy with The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (one of the largest Department of Energy sites in the country). The lab brings together multiple disciplines in the areas of science and engineering to advance areas of science and technology, green energy, environmental science, and, of course, national defense. ORNL has spawned numerous business that service this sector along with training and education for local businesses.
Only a day’s drive from three quarters of the population of the United States the location of Knoxville also contributes to its success. Location advantages include: Being at the center of the Eastern half of the United States, being at the crossroads of two major Interstates (I-40, an East-West artery, and I-75, a major North-South artery). This one of the major reasons a number of manufacturing companies have expanded or relocated to the area. In the past ten years over forty business have invested over half a billion dollars in the manufacturing sector. Knoxville also benefits from a booming tourism industry.  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park (only 40 minutes away) is the most visited national park in the country with over 10 million visitors each year. Nearby Sevierville (home of Dolly Parton), Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg also add to the number of tourists passing through Knoxville each year.
More coming soon on Knoxville’s booming economy.
~Kathleen Drevik Knoxville, TN
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