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Kathleen Drevik

Knoxville TN 37902 USA

Knoxville is a Solar City

August 16, 2016

Many people ask me, Katleen Drevik, of Knoxville, TN about the types of renewable energy that we use in East Tenneessee, so here is a quick overview:

The United States Department of Energy chose the city of Knoxville, TN to be a partner in the Solar America Cities program. The Solar American Cities program is designed to speed up the implementation of solar power technologies. This crated the Solar Knoxville initiative that will help raise awareness of solar technology by removing barriers to market and informing the city of Knoxville of the benefits of solar energy.

The Goals of Solar Knoxville Are:
• Citizen Education
• Increasing the demand for solar technology in both business and residential
• Increasing the awareness of Solar
• Changing the way the community thinks about solar power

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) also has renewable energy programs that helps people partner with TVA to use sustainable energy for their home or business. These programs are:

Green Power Providers. This program puts smaller green power projects closer to the end user. These projects range from low-impact hydrogeneration, solar, biomass, or wind power.

Green Power
This program allows customers on the power grid to specify that a portion of their power come from renewable sources such as biogas, wind and solar. The blocks of power come in very reasonable four-dollar increments.

Solar Solutions Distribution
This program moves small, urban scale solar plants closer to the end user. These projects range in size from five to fifty megawatts.
In addition, TVA has one of the largest hydropower networks in the country. This network consists of twenty-nine dams that generate power via the Tennessee system of rivers and eight dams that belong to the Army Corp of Engineers.

Located on the following rivers: The Cumberland, The Powell, The Cheoah The Pigeon, The Tennessee, The Nolichucky, The Nantahala, The Elk, The Duck, The Little Tennessee and the French Broad, this network not only provides power for the East Tennessee region, it provides a number of recreational and boating and fishing lakes enjoyed by the residents of Tennessee.
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